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Personalized financial management.



Our most personalized, customized level of financial service. We're here to offer financial peace of minds to families, individuals, and seniors. We can help by simply paying bills on time or researching service providers.

Tax Services

For Small Businesses

& Individuals

QuickBooks Desktop & Online

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Collecting/Recording Payments

Paying Bills

Recording Deposits

Bank Reconciliation

Compiling Records into Reports

Organization of Financial Information

Bank Reconciliation

Monthly Financial Reports

QuickBooks Cleanup/Assistance

Financial Concierge Services

For Individuals

& Families

Customized Personal Assistant

Pay your personal bills, transfer money from your financial account to your regular checking account.  Ensure broker statements are recorded so you receive a statement of personal assets, for security, pensions accounts, etc.

Senior Assistance


If your family member isn’t paying their bills, I can help. I will organize their finances and give you peace of mind. Reports can go directly to you.

Services Research & Pricing

I will call and obtain quotes for lawn service, pool service, etc. to present to you, as well as hiring services.


Calculate payroll for household employees.  Prepare required quarterly and annual forms.

Day to Day Financial Affairs

Assist with medical insurance, medical bills, home care services.  Assist with daily services, such as pest control companies, repairs, etc.

3 Benefits of Financial Concierge Services for Seniors

Financial concierge services are a personalized financial management option. Essentially, we take care of any personal financial needs that will save you time and money. For seniors, this is an amazing service that can be used personally. Additionally, we’re often hired by the son or daughter of a senior to ensure peace of mind.


A financial concierge goes beyond everyday accounting tasks, and is able to provide customized services that provide accuracy and reliability in financial management. As your senior loved one gets older, they may have difficulty or the inability to provide financial services for themselves, but we’re here to help. From paying bills to company research and hiring, concierge services are there to make your family’s life easier. Read along for some of the main, highly-beneficial perks of hiring a financial concierge service.

1) Peace of Mind: As we mentioned above, peace of mind is the #1 result of hiring a financial concierge for yourself or your senior loved one. If they’re no longer willing or able to make payments or hire specialty services, we can take over those tasks for them. Whether you live close by or want to help them from a distance, we can handle their financial tasks.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that all of their bills are paid accurately on time, and that you (and your loved one) do not have to deal with the stress of these tasks.

2 ) Save Time & Money: Sometimes you and/or your senior parents are not able to deal with the daily finances.  You also may not have the desire to go through the extensive process of researching and hiring a quality service provider (handyman, lawn services, home care services, insurance options, etc.) Let us do the hiring and research! We can research companies, present options, and complete the hiring process for you.

From everyday financial management, such as paying bills and writing checks, to specialized service research, we’re here to help you save time and money.

3) Accuracy: Simply put, you want to know that your senior loved one is paying their bills accurately and on time. It can be hard for seniors to let go of daily tasks such as paying bills. Although they still may want to complete the tasks, it’s important that they are done accurately to avoid accruing any penalties and fees. From taxes to daily management, these tasks are best designated to a professional. If you’re the son or daughter of a senior, you may not have the time or experience to complete these tasks either.


We can take these important financial items off of your hands, and we’ll do them in a reliable, accurate way.

In addition to handling the finances, we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop. We always communicate with you if you hired us for your senior loved one, and you’ll be able to rest assured that everything is completed on time and to the most professional level.

3 Benefits of Financial Concierge Services for Families

1) More Time For You: Time is our most valuable asset, and it cannot be replaced! As a family, you likely have many obligations - from work, to kids, to family events. Whether you need help with your everyday financial services, or if you’re looking for help in hiring professional service providers, we’re here to save you time.

Spend time on what matters to you. Let us handle your daily finances and hire service providers as you need them. We can work together to create a customized plan that will take the time and stress out of managing your financial tasks.


2) Accuracy: There’s a lot to manage financially as a family, and you may even be a business owner on top of that. You would hire a professional for your business accounting - why not your personal life as well? We can ensure that your financial tasks are completed on time, accurately, and professionally. You can ensure that these items are completed to your specifications, as we’ll always communicate with you.

Hiring a professional financial concierge service will give you the peace of mind that all of your bills are being paid, and that you’re getting the best options as far as insurance, lawn and pool services, and much more.

3) Additional Projects: As we mentioned above, your financial portfolio may include more than daily personal tasks. You may be a business owner, or have other assets and estates that need to be managed.

When you work with a financial concierge service, we can create a comprehensive plan that incorporates all facets of your financial life. This can consolidate a lot of other professionals into one, which ultimately saves you more time and money. We’re able to handle the day-to-day, while also being available for more complex tasks and business ventures.


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