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Charm your Customers on Valentine’s Day

Every year on February 14th, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, we think of this time as a romantic day for couples. But romantic love isn’t the only type of love we can celebrate. Valentine’s Day gives us a chance to show our love and gratitude to those around us who we appreciate and respect.

As a small business owner, why not use Valentine’s Day as a chance to show a little love to the most important people in your business’s life, your customers? Everyone remembers those sweet, little Valentine’s Day confections known as conversation hearts. In the spirit of the day, here are five conversation heart sayings to give you some ideas for showing some customer appreciation on Valentine’s Day.

Get creative with your social media. Hype the charm of your business by creating themed social media posts using eye-catching graphics or even themed photoshoots. Take advantage of your Instagram stories by creating on-theme polls, using “this or that” graphics, or simply asking your customers questions and posting the results.

Say Thank You. A simple way to show appreciation to your customers is to simply say, “Thank you.” Send out a themed email expressing your gratitude using phrases like, “You are the HEART of our business” or “We’re CRAZY 4 YOU.” Don’t use this email as a blatant sales pitch but rather just a simple thank you to let them know how much you appreciate their business. Use emojis as appropriate!

Give a gift. What better way to express customer appreciation than by giving a gift? Remember it’s the thought that counts so it doesn’t have to be big. Things like a discount coupon, a free sample, or a Valentine’s Day two-for-one deal would go a long way towards making your customer feel valued.

Pin your heart to charity. Since Valentine’s Day is a time to show how much you care, why not demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility by donating to a charity? A restaurant could host a Valentines’ Day meal and donate a percentage of each bill to a local retirement home. For retailers, you could ask your customers to “round-up” their total for a deserving cause, with you matching the amount. You could use this to also increase brand awareness.

Partner with other businesses. Think of ways you might be able to partner with other businesses to promote Valentine’s Day. Nail salons could partner with hair salons. Florists could partner with a bakery or candy store. Think creatively. You want to be complementary with who you partner with, but not in direct competition. What works best will depend on both of your businesses and can work beautifully in geographically-related locations.

Finding creative ways of showing customer appreciation will go a long way to growing your business. Your customers will “love” you, you’ll be “dear” to them and, when they think of your business, they’ll say, "you rock!"

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